Welcome to the Russia History pages. This is to help you – students who I am teaching –  find stuff about Russian and Soviet history on line (in English). There are links here to Russian history sites, news items on Russian history … and to information about Russian films, literature and  other stuff that might not be directly relevant to your study, but might help you understand Russia from a distance.

Note. The page on “the global history of fossil fuel consumption” is about a separate research project I am doing. It’s not directly relevant to my teaching.

Here are a few disclaimers. The sites I point to are not necessarily 100% reliable; you can not quote them in your work without checking if their information is sound, in the same way that applies to the whole internet. I can assure you that I haven’t linked to anything excessively amateurish or stupid, or to documents that are not likely to be genuine. If you’re not one of my students, you’re more than welcome. But this is not a blog or a discussion forum. It’s just a few pages. If anyone has any links to suggest, I’d love to hear about them.

Simon Pirani


The photo shows building workers and their families on a demonstration to mark their graduation from a literacy course in Moscow in the mid 192os